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We have an educational pirate performance tailored for school children with special educational needs.

Our Musical Singalong SEN has lots of handling items show covers:

  1. Why music and singing was so important to sailors and how they used it to synchronise their work using sea shanties and for storytelling and entertainment.
  2. We teach children songs with actions, and also a memory game song that evolves with the children’s input.
  3. How sailors used a compass to navigate around the oceans.
  4. How sailors developed scurvy from poor nutrition while out and sea. How they used Limes to help with this. The general importance of good nutrition.
  5. How women became pirates in a time when traditionally only men would pursue careers, and how some of them became highly respected and incredibly successful.
  6. The weapons that Pirates Used.
  7. Handling items: Rope, Belaying Pin, Compass, Lime, Sword (Blunt and optional), Blunderbuss (Dummy and optional), Model Cannon.
  8. We also allow plenty of time for children to ask questions.

The running time for this performance is around an hour but can be shortened or lengthened within reason to fit in with schedules.

Songs included in the 1 hour school show are:
The Day I went to Sea (This way that way)
Hoist the Colours (From Pirates of the Caribbean)
There’s a Hole in the Bottom of the Sea
A Pirate Went to Sea

Blunderbuss and Badger both have full and up to date DBS/CRB certification.

  • This usually involves repeating the event for multiple classes during the course of the school day.

I just wanted to drop you a line to say a huge thank you for your time and effort during our pirate day last week. You went above and beyond to ensure that the show was suitable for our children many of whom have complex needs. The attention to detail and the different ways you ensured that the show was a multi sensory experience were original and inspired and it meant that all of the children could experience the magic of the show.

I was truly impressed with your professionalism, your patience and your flexibility in delivering a show that I was aware, was new to you as well. Some comments made from the children were that they particularly enjoyed the singing and the action songs and tasting the limes and that they just loved meeting two real pirates! The staff also gave great feedback commenting that they enjoyed the music and the pirate facts.

It was a lovely experience for our children and one that I would hope to repeat again in the future.

Thank you so much again for your time and effort.

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